Bloom is a desktop app that lets you upload your groups photos easily and efficiently to Facebook, download your albums and view your photos

You can upload photos to a new or an existing album, and view your photos. It only supports Facebook groups only in the PRO version (Facebook removed the ability to upload to pages on 2020-09)

Bloom comes in 2 versions, Bloom (free) and Bloom PRO ($34.99 CAD ~ $28 USD). The 2 versions consist of the same file, to get the PRO version you need to buy a license

Bloom 3.8.0 resolves a login issue.

Bloom 3.7.1 resolves a minor issue with adding captions to images.

Here are the main differences between the 2 versions:

Feature Bloom Bloom PRO
Price Free $34.99 CAD ~ $28 USD
Upload image quality Upload only works for existing albums for Facebook pages. Customizable up to 2048px
Import Exif Data Yes Yes
Supports Facebook groups No Yes
Supports Facebook pages No Yes
Convert image formats No Yes
Video uploads support Yes Yes
Download albums No Yes
Proxy server support Yes Yes
Technical support No Yes


Platform Installer Release date Size Requirements
Windows 64 bits
Windows 10, 11
Bloom 3.8.0 Win 64 October 9, 2023 104 MB
Mac OS X
Mac OS X
(10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11, 12, 13, 14)
Bloom-3.8.0.pkg October 9, 2023 104 MB

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For a step by step tutorial click here:

More screenshots

Upgrade to Bloom PRO:

  1. Click on the Buy Link on the top of the page
  2. The link will take you to Paypal
  3. Buy the product
  4. You will receive an Email with the serial number to use
  5. Go to Help menu -> Registration... and enter your Email and the Serial number sent and click Activate
  6. Your bloom version is now activated. You can verify that in the About menu.

*Mac Installation: Go to System Preferences -> Security -> Allow applications downloaded from Anywhere. See Apple article for more information