1. What is Bloom?
Bloom is a multiplatform desktop application that let you upload your photos to Facebook.
2. What are the requirements to run Bloom?
See here
3. Will Bloom overwrite/resize my photos?
Bloom will not destroy or alter your images whatsoever. Bloom works by resizing your images and saving them to the temp directory on your system , it will upload the images and then it will delete these files.
4. How secure is bloom
Bloom does not store any of your personal information therefore you can use without any worries. All HTTP connections are made to Facebook except for the update feature. For more information click here
5. How many licenses do I get
Bloom allows you to activate 2 computers.
6. How Do I run Bloom in Debug mode
Hit start and then run, type cmd then hit ENTER.
Type cmd then hit ENTER
Type cd C:\Program Files\Bloom then hit ENTER
Type java -jar Bloom.exe -Ddebug=true

Open /Applications/Utilities, double click on Script Editor.app
Click on File->New
Enter the following: do shell script "open '/Applications/Bloom.app' --args --Ddebug=true"
Click on run the script icon in the middle

Go to /Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Logs/Bloom and look at log file